Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Blond Moment

AAP , September 04, 2007: AUSTRALIA should aim for a population of 50 million through "significant migration", says Queensland Premier Peter Beattie.

Addressing a business luncheon at the Brisbane Club today, Mr Beattie said the current ageing population of 21 million was too small to meet future needs.

"In terms of the general issue of migration - I know there are pressures on, and all that stuff, in terms of the environment - I think 21 million Australians is not enough,'' he said.

Well, we have the land to put them on... but what are they going to drink? Our current infrastructure is having serious difficulty in supplying enough water to the people who are currently living here - half the proposed number.

Having a Blond Moment, Peter, Honey? Ya great twit!

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