Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Caffeine and Cancer

"DRINKING a double espresso a day and taking regular exercise may help prevent skin cancer.
A study on mice at Rutgers University in New Jersey showed that a combination of exercise and some caffeine -- equivalent to one or two cups of coffee a day -- protected against the effects of the sun's ultraviolet-B radiation, which can lead to cancer.
Compared with the UVB-exposed control animals, the caffeine drinkers showed an increase of about 95 per cent in UVB-induced apoptosis, the exercisers showed a 120 per cent increase, and the mice that were both drinking and exercising showed an increase of nearly 400 per cent.
Dr Conney said the cumulative difference seen in the caffeine-drinking runners "can likely be attributed to some kind of synergy between the two factors".
Previous research has found that coffee may reduce the risk of developing gallstones, kidney stones and colorectal cancer."
(The Australian, August 1, 2007)

Pesonally, I'll take my chances with a long-sleeved shirt and sunscreen - bugger this whole exercise thing! The gallons of coffee, on the other hand, seem to have some additional benefits... between that and the red wine, I should live forever :-) Wonder what's going to be bad for us/good for us next month?!


Anonymous said...

Apoptosis? Wasn't he the Ancient Egyptian God of making up scary stories that had no basis but could be used to justify vast expenditure?

Platinum said...

I believe so. You'll find statues of him in all our Halls of Government...