Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My New Toy

I stumbled across a 'new' Mac game, played the free levels, and as I was feeling sorry for myself, I bought it... It's now referred to as The Bloody Game, and is taking up way too much of my time and giving me way too much fun! It's called Midnight Mansion, by ActionSoft (to be found here) and is very reminiscent of Montezuma's revenge, that wonderful old game from the days of the Apple II and the Commodore 128D which also used to amuse me for hours on end, despite being in 16 colours and having pixels sizes you could poke a stick at. The only problem is, I'm not used to playing games using the keyboard to control things, and so I'm dying lots... but I'm getting better! :-)

Another blast from the past is the Zip Disk Saga - I found a stack (okay, 17) of old zip disks hidden away on the back of a shelf, and Dad's obligingly mailed me the old drive so I can check out what's on them - but the Intel iMac won't run it! It will, however, run on the laptop which uses OS 9... Dammit, the disks are only 5 or so years old! Gotta love the speed at which technology moves! (Actually, I do - I think of things like the TV-phone on 2001- A Space Odyssey which we now have as iChat, Skype, etc. and take for granted. It was all sci-fi a few years ago!).

g2g chek out da disks :-)

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Platinum said...

Oops- amendment - the Intel iMac WILL run it, but you have to plug the USB cable directly into the computer, not just into the hub... blonde moment...